Mayer Hawthorne : Live Music : Love the Captive Presents

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There is the rare occasion that Fresno has a “Special Show” of live music where the artists and the crowd have this unspoken musical chemistry. Mayer Hawthorne put on a show to remember; an eclectic turn out made the show even better. The ambiguous genre of music seemed to inspire this melting pot of listeners […]

The launguage of the world and pianos.

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I’m not sure how some of my mental connections are made, but it seems as though our world likes to place things in our lap for the taking or leaving. Some of these instances are said to be omens, or signs from the universe to follow by our own instinct. I like to make my […]

A Place to Burry Strangers : Music

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“Love The Captive” aka “LTC” as I like to call them. An extremely varied group of Music-Lovers that seems to be growing every time I glance back. You’ll find a silhouette-ish shot of the founder and head-man (Johnny Q, aka: J Catch, Blac Shampoo, Q, Mayer of Tower, GQ-JQ, etc & so on) of the […]

Randy Coleman & Brett Young : Music : Living Room Retail

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It was only about a month ago that I met Randy and Brett. They were playing a rather unconventional venue with a loud crowd of drinkers and social butterflies. It was an amazing show as I’m sure most of their performances are. For the last song Randy decided to play off mic and off stage, […]